Some qEEG Frequently Asked Questions

Why take a qEEG assessment?

Before any corrective or neuro-physiological understanding is reached it is necessary to understand what is going on within your brain by measuring and analysing the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex/brain. The electrical energy source that is being measured originates from neurons firing within your brain.
The qEEG measurement aids in the diagnosis of brain dysfunction. Research has found that the qEEG is as reliable as other routinely used clinical tests.

Will a qEEG assessment Cause Any Discomfort?

Unlikely, sensors used in training are attached to your skin to detect outgoing information from the brain. Nothing enters you or your brain. However wearing the electro-cap may feel a little tight on your head. Afterwards their might be a bit of residual gel in your hair.

What do I need to do before hand?

It is advisable to avoid any drinks or food containing caffeine (fizzy, soda) for eight hours before your qEEG assessment. Make a list of any medication and bring that with you unless you have already provided that information.


Try to arrive 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to prepare for the assessment and allow one hour for the test.