Some Neurofeedback Frequently Asked Questions

Unlikely the sensors used in training are attached to your scalp to detect outgoing information from the brain. Nothing enters you or your brain.

Unlikely as neurofeedback equipment is used to assist you with your learning and Brain retraining abilities. You learn to control your brainwave activity through operant conditioning.

Neurofeedback training typically takes 30-40 sessions depending on the severity of the disorder and other comorbidal symptoms present. After the first few sessions a full review is completed. It should then be possible to determine the frequency of training required as either once or twice a week. With regular attendance, total training can be completed in four to eight months. Each training session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.
If regularly attended, full attention given, then promising changes are often observed around the 10th session.

Parents and teachers of children who have received neurofeedback training have reported dramatic behavioural improvements such as:-
Finishing tasks. Listening better. Less impulsivity. Greater motivation and focus. Higher self esteem.

Long term follow up of adults who, as children, received neurofeedback training for ADHD indicates that, in most cases, the improvement appears to be permanent. A follow up at six months is recommended for those who undertake the training.

Neurofeedback training can be seen as exorcise for the brain – i.e. harnessing the brain’s intrinsic ability to learn and adapt!