This page has been produced to provide guidelines for Client Payments

It is in your best interest to settle your account with Brainhealth on the day of your treatment & or consultation.
  • It is normal practice to make payment with an authorised Credit or Debit card each time you visit Brainhealth.
  • In exceptional circumstances payments can be allowed to accrue between yourself and Brainhealth. However it would not be prudent to allow that to escalate to significant levels of borrowing between us. To make it more convenient for you to reduce your level of borrowing Ad Hoc Payments can be made either in the clinic and or via the secure PayPal button below.
  • Cheque Payments can be made to Brainhealth via Cheque at the time of your consultation.
  • Credit or Debit Card & Ad Hoc Payments can be made via the secure PayPal button on this page by credit card, debit card & or bank transfer. Note: With Credit or Debit Card transactions you do not need a PayPal account. Just click on the PayPal button and follow the PayPal Guest instructions when the PayPal window opens. (see below).

The Pay Pal payment page will show Brainhealth or 121 Neurofeedback Services at the top of the page.

Enter the amount that you wish to pay into the Unit Price box in whole pounds. (You can add a comment in the Description Box to the left of the unit price box). Click on Update Totals.

Look for the “Chose a way to pay” on the PayPal page

Chose either “Have PayPal account?” to pay with Credit or Debit Card or PayPal account and log in as normal. OR chose “Don’t have a PayPal account?” to Log In as a PayPal Guest. Note: if you hold an PayPal account the system will prompt you that you have an account and continue to pay with your chosen credit or debit card or Bank Transfer.

When your transaction is complete you can print off a receipt. If you are using a PayPal account to pay you should receive a conformation e-mail of your transaction from that PayPal account registered e-mail address.

  • In all cases, when a payment is made, a receipt will be provided.

Secure Ad Hoc Payments can be made to Brainhealth by clicking on the PayPal button