What is HemoEncephaloGraphy biofeedback (HEG) ?

Hemoencephalography biofeedback (HEG) is a different form of biofeedback to brainwave neurofeedback. HEG training feeds back changes in the brain’s energy consumption (which is related to blood flow, oxygen, nutrient, glucose supply). HEG training aims to boost blood flow activity to your brain and as a result it improves mental and emotional functioning. There are two types of mainstream HEG sensors, either a sophisticated infrared thermometer known as a passive infrared HEG (pirHEG) or, a near infrared HEG (nirHEG) sensor that shines light through the skin and skull to assess the colour of brain tissue. Oxygenated arterial blood is red, deoxygenated venous blood is blue. Increased demand for nutrition results in faster blood flow and redder blood in the tissues leads to more effective function.

How we train you with HEG:

In most cases we attach the HEG sensors to your forehead to train the brain region known as the Prefrontal Cortex. The Prefrontal Cortex is your brain’s “executive control centre” that helps you to: focus effectively and maintain concentration, control emotions and impulses, maintain a sense of purpose, self-possession and appropriately respond to the demands of the situation.
HEG neurofeedback is non-invasive, drug free and safe. Once trained your brain maintains the new level of functioning. HEG training produces lasting benefits.

Applications of HEG:

Hemoencephalography biofeedback is relevant to most of the disorders listed in the neurofeedback scientific link page.
HEG has shown success in working with depression, attention issues including Attention Deficiency Disorder and ADHD.

Comparison with HEG and Neurofeedback:

One of the main benefits of HEG training is the more simplistic approach to interpretation as the HEG training responses only increases or decreases in magnitude and not phase. Unlike EEG signals that can be affected by other electrical activity such as muscle artifact, eye movement, blinking etc leading to differing responses to prefrontal cortex neurofeedback. HEG simply measures the refracted energy due to the density or translucency of blood flow.