Neurofeedback Remote or Home Training

Before neurofeedback home training can be undertaken, it must be understood that to enable effective neurofeedback training at home and restoring your brain health, a certain amount of commitment and ownership to undertake the clinical neurofeedback training at home is the responsibility of the client.

It must be recognised that is not a responsible action or a simple matter of providing you with medical home training neurofeedback equipment without supervision, as you are not clinically trained to undertake neurofeedback training, you will be provided with support and supervision.

It is 121 Neurofeedback Services & Brainhealth responsibility to provide you with appropriate home training neurofeedback medical equipment for hire, designed clinical neurofeedback protocols, training, remote supervision, support and appropriate documentation to enable effective and controlled neurofeedback Remote or Home Training.

You will need to provide a windows based desktop or a laptop personal computer (PC) capable of running at least windows and word 2000, having at least 512K of Random Access Memory and 150Mb of space left of your hard disc. It is assumed that you have access to the Internet and e-mail to enable appropriate remote supervision and software downloads.

The benefit of Remote or Home Training reduces your need to travel into the clinic; hence it is beholden on you to undertake the training as directed and attend the clinic for reviews with Lesley Parkinson. Otherwise Remote or Home Training will not be effective.

How do you start Remote or Home Training?

First of all a clinical and practical assessment is made with you in the clinic to find out if home training is an option for you.

If the assessment deems that Remote or Home Training is an option then a further visit to the clinic by you is required to provide you with the home training medical equipment, a demonstration or dry run, and the opportunity to discuss any issues related to your case. During your visit to the clinic it is important to ensure that review time frames are understood and agreed.

The interval between future reviews will vary depending on your case and progress.

Subsequently when your Remote or Home Training software is successfully installed on your PC and your Remote or Home Training neurofeedback equipment is working, then your personal clinically designed neurofeedback protocols will be dispatched to you along with the supporting documentation and remote system instructions via e-mail or another type of secure media transport.

Generally speaking you should be able to install the software and be up and running very quickly if you are PC literate, in the unlikely event you experience problems and run into difficulties that can not be resolved remotely a home visit can be arrange to provide on site support if required.

How is Remote or Home Training Managed?

Supporting documentation for Remote or Home Training is normally e-mailed directly to the client. All Remote or Home Training clinically designed protocols are client specific and are not to be used by anybody else.

If you adopt any other Remote or Home Training packages from another supplier do not accept generalised protocols as they may not be appropriately designed for you.

The Brainhealth and 121 Neurofeedback Services Remote or Home Training system is managed remotely via e-mail and client visits to the clinic. The system allows remote management, reporting of progress and remote protocol adjustment.

It is extremely important not to over train and you must follow your clinically directed training plan as directed. The system
time dates your progress reports down to the last second so close monitoring is possible.


  • A face to face clinical review with you in the clinic must be undertaken from time to time as agreed during setting
    up your training plan
    . The frequency of reviews will be adjusted to take into account your progress.
  • Remember commitment is the key to success.
  • Remote or Home Training requires a lot of effort on your part and a lot of back office work by Brainhealth and 121 Neurofeedback Services. To enable you to succeed, we will support you as much as possible to ensure success. However as with everything it is not worth the effort if you will not be committed or find that you are unable to undertake the Remote or Home Training.
  • Finally, do not suffer in silence, or be embarrassed, if you find that you can not commit once you have started. It is best to give in and return to regular attendance in the clinic for your personal neurofeedback training.

Confidentially is assured as no personal details will be published or released to a third party without your express permission.

Refer to Brainhealth Remote or Home Training Support Information for further information