Biofeedback training is one of the most effective non-drug treatments which allow the patience to have a considerable amount of control over involuntary processes in the body like as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate.At 121 Neurofeedback Services, we offer the most comprehensive biofeedback training in London. Its effectiveness has been proved and it is widely used to treat various conditions like chronic pain, urinary incontinence, high blood pressure, tension headache, and migraine.

It is a completely safe treatment method involving no drugs. This saves you from all kinds of potential risks or side effects.

How Biofeedback training in London works?

Biofeedback training can help you in treatment of various ailments.

At 121 Neurofeedback Services, a full body assessment is conducted to determine your condition and whether the therapy will be effective or not. More and more people are now being referred to this treatment by their doctors and rightly so.

These assessments help in determining how the symptoms can he minimized. The treatment is more like manipulating the involuntary physical and mental behaviours to bring it under your control. This makes managing conditions more effectively.

121 Neurofeedback Services

At 121 Neurofeedback Services, we use specialised equipment to perform the tests. All the biofeedback training is conducted under the supervision of one of the finest consultant clinical psychologist specialising in neuropsycho-physiology, Lesley Parkinson of Brainhealth .

Electroencephalographic neurofeedback is one of the most effective and widely used methods of biofeedback training. In this method small electrodes are attached to a patient’s skin. The feedbacks or the response are visible in the monitor. This allows the doctors to identify patient’s physiological symptoms.

After this the patient can use the self-regulation techniques at home, even after the treatment is done. It is totally safe and effective.