Peak Performance

Brainhealth has successfully used Brainhealth Optimisation programs to enable and attain Peak Performance for amateur and professional athletes, academics and high performing businesses individuals to improve their performance and well being.

Brainhealth Peak Performance Optimisation programs and training teaches an individual to maximise and use the full capacity of his or her brain, your autonomic system and central nervous system in the performance of a task, be it athletic, (cycling, golf, swimming, running etc) academic, team work, task and objective performance at work, musical or any of the performing arts.

To achieve peak performance the efficient utilisation of mental resources and your autonomic system is crucial. After it is these systems and your brain that drives and controls you!

Extensive research has shown that too much worrying or excessive anxiety disrupts your performance. You may not be aware of the impact of your anxiety and self blame of your poor performance has on your perceived lack of ability, even if you think or feel that you could do better sometimes, you just can not make that connection.

When in fact all you need is some Brainhealth Peak Performance Optimisation programs and training, or neurofeedback brain training and heart rate variability sessions to reduce your anxiety and improve your executive functions, your sensory motor functions and your autonomic system.

Note please do not undertake any form of neurofeedback training without a appropriate clinical assessment as there may be a previously undetected underlying cause that could be affecting you.

121 Neurofeedback services and Brainhealth will provide this assessment before proceeding with any form of Neurofeedback Brain Training.

The number of sessions needed varies from person to person as Neurofeedback is an individual learning process and results are seen gradually over time.

Under normal circumstances and to respect each individuals confidentiality I will not publish Peak Performance testimonials!
However occasionally clients want to share their success. This is a considerable overhead and not necessarily positive for new clients. A way forward would be if past clients are willing to discuss their training experience directly with you and only with their written permission will that then be arranged.

How is Neurofeedback Brain Training carried out?

At either of our clinics small electrodes are placed on the scalp to measure and record the electrical activity in various parts of the brain. Information regarding this brainwave activity is then relayed to a computer. See the neurofeedback tab above for more information or click here.

The computer, in turn, converts the brainwaves into a graphic display that the trainee sees on a computer screen. Using the information gained from this graphic display, the trainee can learn how to produce the needed brainwave pattern for a given activity. Note that no electrical current is put into the brain. The equipment is not capable of doing that. It only reads information about what the brain is doing (much like a thermometer reads the temperature) and provides that information to the trainee in an useable form.

Once trained the brain maintains the new level of functioning.

Contact Brainhealth for more information and a free consultation to see if Peak Performance training is for you!