Neurofeedback qEEG acquisition process

What happens next?

The next step is that your recording will be analysed in depth and a report will be produced for review with you and your clinical specialist Lesley Parkinson of Brainhealth. During that review with you the results of your report and the options open to you will be discussed.

Click on the “brain” to the right and see details of a qEEG brainwave acquisition between the scalp and the active synapses.

Why take a qEEG assessment?

Before any corrective or neuro-physiological understanding is reached it is necessary to understand what is going on within your brain by measuring and analysing the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex/brain. The electrical energy source that is being measured originates from neurons firing within your brain.

The qEEG measurement aids in the diagnosis of brain dysfunction. Research has found that the qEEG is as reliable as other routinely used clinical tests.

If you consider for a moment that your brain is functioning like an orchestra playing off key or out of tune. The conductor, you, does not know which instruments are playing off key. The qEEG tells us which instrument or section is not functioning correctly and the neurofeedback protocol will retrain the off key sections enabling the conductor to hear what is wanted

Once a full understanding of your brain function is understood and other clinical tests have been concluded then it is possible to consider if Neurofeedback is an option to restore appropriate functionality. Neurofeedback training protocols will be designed based your clinical assessment and qEEG results.

Note please:

It is advisable to avoid any drinks or food containing caffeine for eight hours before the qEEG assessment or test.
Before you have a qEEG test you should make sure your hair is clean and dry. It is also best to avoid using any sprays, oils, or conditioner, on your hair.
It is likely that after the qEEG test some residual conductive paste will be left in your hair. It is water soluble and will wash off.

You will be asked about your current medication and medical history before the qEEG assessment.

Please allow one hour for the assessment.